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Malgorzata Jurek-Erenska, kennel Florida

I was born in a  typical dog family. I am a second generation. My father was a International Judge FCI  groups II and III for almost 40 years. We had Boxers, Newfounlands, Bassets and Wire Dachshounds in our home. I´m a  visual artist by profession, I graduated Academy Of Fine Art in city Poznan.

I started my own kennel Florida in 1985. Before Amstaffs I had a Pit Bull with STCA pedigree. She was one of the first Pit Bull in Europe. In 1990 I imported to Poland the first American Staffordshire Terriers from USA, from the Woodforest kennel: Int. Ch  Wooforest Coral Seastar and Ch. Woodforest EZ Excalibur Hero.  In 1993 I imported my next AST, black and white Int. Ch. BISS Woodforest EZ Stary Nite and Int. Ch. BISS Woodforest EZ Black Dragon. Black Dragon was a very famous male with a lot of titles: 30 x CACIB, 71 x CACs, World Veteran Winner, Club Winner, Top Dog….and his name  you can find in many Amstaffs pedigrees in all over Europe. Untill now I have imported 9 Amstaffs from USA and few from Holland. With 27 years of breeding AST and 26 litters born in my kennel, I am still keeping woods line in my Amstaffs.

I own kennel Florida together with my daughter Weronika, third dog generation. She is a professional handler.

In 1993 I founded the first Polish Club for AST of which I was the president for 3 years. In 1995 I founded the Polish Club for Terriers of Bull Type. I was Chairman of this Club until 2003, when I had to give up the Club because I moved to Sweden, where I am living till now.

I am the author of several books about Amstaffs. my second book "American Staffordshire Terrier" I edited with L. Suhanova from Imperia kennel and it was translated to Russian. My next book was "The true Friend American Staffordshire Terrier". I was also the publisher and editor of the Club newsletter "Bull & Terrier". I often write articles for the "Dog" published by the Kennel Club in Poland.

I started judging in 1998. I am international judge for FCI froups III and II. I have judged shows in Russia, Poland, Germany, Ukraine, Italy, Sweden, Belgium, Serbia, Croatia, Hungary, Czech. Rep.  Australia,  Austria, Finland etc. The most honorable judging appointement was for me to judge the Amstaffs at Interra Shows in Brussels 2010. I am ofhen invited to judge Specialities for Terriers of Bull Type.

Craig Scanlan, kennel Pantycelyn

I have been fortunate enough to have been born and brought up into Staffordshire bull terriers. I have grown up all my life owning terriers. My Affix is Pantelyn which I share with my father. It has been active for over 25 years.

I have owned, bred and campaigned champions in the uk and overseas: firstly Champion Pantycelyn Hagler back in 1992, Champion Mountaboo seasoned man at Pantycelyn gaining his title at Cruft's with Best of breed 2009, Champion Pantycelyn just a dream 2015, International and Russian champion Pantycelyn Punisher. I also have recently made up a Manchester terrier champion Digelsa Dixie chick at Pantycelyn, and I have a Miniature Bull Terrier on 1CC at 15 months old.

I have passed and completed all my Kennel club seminars, I have had the pleasure to have judged throughout the uk and overseas on many occasions including France, Spain, Hungary, Holland, Ireland, Poland, Sweden, Norway, Gran canaria, Czech Republic, Belgium, and I will have the pleasure of judging in Russia and Italy in 2016 along with the SBTC of Finland. I would like to thank the officers and committee for inviting me to judge at your prestigious show! I will give an honest opinion on each and every bitch exhibit entered and I have no colour preference.

Thank you for your time in reading my short CV kind regards Craig Scanlan (Pantycelyn)

Barbara Ann Beaufoy

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