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I have been in sbt for 20 years I have judged in Europe and in America I have made history here in Ireland with my home breed dog Ir grand Am champion Moystaff buffalo shoulder who's grand son was BOB at crufts I have breed and co owned several champions in Ireland America and Europe.




My name is Bianca Janssen and since 1998 I’me the proud owner, together with my husband,  of the Staffjoy's Prefix. We're seriously involved with Staffordshire Bull Terriers since 1997, when we purchased our first Staffordshire Bull Terrier called Brawny's Joey, bought as just a pet, he gave us so much love, affection and devotion that he started off something that we had never kept for being possible. Our lives changed since he came in our lives and the 24 hours we have every day are completely filled with Staffordshire Bull Terriers.  Because of Brawny's Joey we started showing our dogs, he was awarded a CAC/BOB at his/our first international dogshow, and we were bitten by the showbug. Till date a total of 18  Staffordshire Bull Terriers with championstatus have either been breed by us or campaigned (some co-owned) to their title(s). At the moment we're campaigning two wonderfull (in- and outside) girls, Ch. Angelic Staff's Kiss Me Kiwi and Ch.  Earthquake Staff's Icehot who both have a bit of Staffjoy's in their pedigree, and I’m looking forward to start campaigning our homebred youngster Staffjoy’s Countess of Lovelace.

As I wanted to get more knowledge about dogs in general, I started studying cynologie and nowadays I’m a FCI Championship Show judge and I’m passed by the UK Kennelclub to award CC’s in our breed.  So far I’ve has judged in the Netherlands (amongst the Dutch shows is the prestigious Amsterdam Winner), Belgium (Brussels Winner), South Africa, France, Poland, Germany (Bundessieger), Australia, New Zealand, Italy, Czech Republic, Ireland, United Kingdom,  the United States and Mexico. I had the honour the judge at the first edition of the International Stafford Match. I remember my first judging appointment very well, it was in Belgium and people apparently had done some research on our website to find out what colours our dogs had.  The majority of the exhibits at this first show  were  red and pied Staffordshire Bull Terriers as these were the colours the majority of our own dogs had.  As a judge I’m looking for the best representative of the breedstandard, in my opinion, and not for a particular colour. The best of breed this first show was a black brindle coming from junior class. She turned out to be the first Dutch bitch winning a CC in the UK.

I’ve given seminars about our breed in Italy, the Netherlands and Mexico and was invited by the Breed Council to give a talk on the subject of the way forward in our breed.   Currently I”m involved with the Staffordshire Bull Terrier Club  Netherlands as secretary.  To receive the invitation to judge at the Finnish Staffordshire Bull Terrier Club 50-years anniversary national speciality for Staffordshire Bull Terriers and American Staffordshire Terriers is a big honour for me and I’m very much looking forward to join you in this special show!!

Valeriy Gareev
Valeriy Gareev


He is an expert since 1995. The first President of the "Terrieri Union" in Russia. Since 1996 Valery has been the President of the "American Staffordshire Terrier Club".

Larisa Ivanova
Larisa Ivanova


Larisa Ivanova RKF-FCI show judge of seven FCI groups. Judge for Junior Handler competition. Practical judicial experience is of 15 years. Has been engaged in cynology for over 35 years. The family kept Laikas. Her first own dog – Tibetan Terrier – appeared in 1972. Kept and showed Caucasian Shepherds, Central Asia Shepherds, Yorkshire Terriers. Since 1992 Ivanova Larisa has been a breeder of American Staffordshire Terriers, for many years she had been saving the oldest line «X-Pert», owner of the «Staff Absolut» Kennel. Larisa Ivanova has own «Brown» breed line in Chihuahuas. Member of Presidium of the National Breed Club American Staffordshire Terrier in Russia, organizer of world's largest National Special Dog Show «Amstaff Weekend». Scientific editor of translated literature, autor of artictes in defense of the breeds from the ban and general publications devoted to dogs. Now Larisa Ivanova has American Staffordshire Terriers, Chihuahuas and a Tibetan Mastiff, but her heart is given to Amstaffs. Director and manager of the RKF training children program «Junior Handler School». She shares her experience both in Russia and abroad. Officiates as a judge in Russia and abroard at all breeds and special breeds dos shows. Larissa Ivanova judged the shows all over Russia, also international shows and specialties in Austria, Australia, Serbia, France, Macedonia, Belarus, Ukraine, Czech Republic, Cyprus, Turkey, on «Russia-2017» in Moscow and on Euro Dog Show 2017 in Kiev, Ukraine.

Kuvan koirat
Ch.Staff Absolut Marcella Brown Martin aka Grusha and Ch.Staff Absolut White Heel X-Pert aka Fedja